Saudi Arabia Is Launching A New 4-Day Visa For Tourists & Pilgrims

Travelers to Saudi Arabia can now get their hands on a four-day visa as part of Saudi Airline’s latest campaign. Dubbed “Your Ticket Is A Visa” program, this new policy will allow any passenger on board a Saudi Airline flight to enter Saudi Arabia for 96 hours.

Entering the Kingdom with that ticket gives visitors the luxury of roaming around Saudi as well as performing an Umrah. Beyond the Umrah and tourism, Abdullah Al Shahrani, the spokesperson for Saudi Airlines said that the four-day visa offers several benefits to travelers including allowing arrivals to “move in the country, attend occasions, meetings and ceremonies.”

When it comes to the process itself, when the passenger buys their ticket, they will be asked whether or not they will require a visa and if they do, they will be redirected to a form that they will have to fill out. The entire process is pretty simple as it takes less than three minutes to complete. Such a new concept caters to a big need among the Islamic community as many Muslims want Saudi Arabia to act as a stopping point so that they can perform an Umrah before resuming their journey.

It is still unclear when this new service will be launched but it does follow in line with the country’s efforts at drawing in more foreign tourists to the country with many previous programs having been released like tourist visas offered on arrival.

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