Facebook Acquires Twitter, Pinterest and Samsung Mobile


Facebook has been on a buying binge since 2011 with acquisitions right, left and center.

After having already acquired four companies in 2014, Mark Zuckerburg just couldn’t stop. In a shocking move, sparked by what most experts are calling a drunken act, he announced the acquisition of rival social media company Twitter, image-infusion social site Pinterest and the mobile division of tech giant Samsung.

After topping one of the biggest acquisitions in history with WhatsApp for $19 billion, analysts say this deal is worth over a whopping $100 billion in total. While not much has been said about the acquisition, rumors are swirling.

Many plans are in the works to integrate the companies within Facebook and we were lucky enough to get some insider tips on some of the steps that will happen next:


1. Twitter


Say farewell to the 140-character limit! It’s over, killed, gone

You can safely blab about as much as you like. Zuckerberg said in a quick interview, “I don’t see why tweets are still being limited to such a small amount of characters. They were created like that to cater to mobile SMS users; the Internet has more to offer!”


Now you can tweet directly and separately from your Facebook feed


Yes, instead of logging into Twitter or switching to the app on your smartphone, you can just tweet right from your status update bar without sharing with your Facebook friends. This is a plan that, after a transitional period, will end the platform of Twitter as a whole. It will be re-branded as Facebook Status, a separate product like Facebook Messenger.


2. Pinterest


Did you say Pinstagram?

Now you can just pin things to anything on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or even WhatsApp. Pinning will become a standard action and is said to be competing with the popularity of the Like. Oh, but wait…


Your Facebook albums will become collections

Instead of having albums on Facebook, you’ll have Pinterest collections!


3. Samsung


The Galaxy is trumped for the Facebook


The Galaxy S5, said to be released soon, will be trumped for the Facebook Phone, a project that was rumored about a few years ago and will finally now come to light.


Bye Tizen, Bye Android

While most of the smartphones will have the latest software Tizen and some Android, the Facebook Phone will use Parse OS, which is Facebook’s backend software API that was developed into a full fledged mobile OS.


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