Kimye to Officially Tie the Knot in Egypt


Following months of speculation after the announcement of their engagement, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have finally announced that Egypt will host their upcoming nuptials.

After reportedly considering celebrating their big day in Paris, Vegas, New York or even at their own home in L.A., the power couple have decided that none other than Egypt, with all its history and glory, would be the perfect place for them to finally celebrate their matrimony in front of God and the Egyptian people.

The Pyramids of Giza will play background to the extravagant venue that is said will host over 1000 guests, most of them to be flown out on private flights chartered by Kim and Kanye. The Egyptian Army has even granted the planes rights to land in military airports so that the couple’s VIP friends and family will not have to deal with regular customs and border control.

The guestlist has yet to be announced and it remains to be seen which Egyptian dignitaries will be invited, especially as the wedding is scheduled to take place in Early August, which is known as Eid in the Middle East.


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