Emirates NBD Is Literally Investing in the Future

When you think of investment packages and banking, you often automatically associates them with individuals who belong to an older generation, aged somewhere beyond 25 years of age. Indeed, people often think that investment and banking are things exclusively created for an older cohort.


Emirates NBD, however, has decided to shatter stereotypes surrounding youth; believing and investing in them via their First Youth Package. This package is the first of its kind in as much as it is designed and structured with the needs of today’s youth in mind.


Emirates NBD Egypt is the sole bank in Egypt providing the young people from age 18 to 26 years old with an integrated package, not only banking products. The package covers three main aspects: financial independence, career development, and entertainment.



These three aspects have been structured in a manner that will surely encourage youth to be financially independent sand cognizant of their spending habits, thereby making sure that tomorrow’s youth are prepared with the skills necessary for tomorrow’s world. Moreover, this package will offer a genuine career path for its young participants.


This indicates that Emirates NBD is investing in building a future generation that understands the importance of independence. It should not be a surprise, therefore, to here that Emirates NBD wants to equip this generation with the quantitative skill sets required for building a solid career path, and a stable future.




To encourage financial independence, Emirates NBD’s First Youth Package includes many banking products such as Titanium debit MasterCard that provides them with many features comprising entering airports’ lounges in Egypt and Middle East for free along with reward points while using the card in purchases, besides lots of discounts and offers. The package also offers them preferential interest rates on saving scheme and deposits to help them financially stabilize.


Moreover, subscribing to Emirates NBD’s “FIRST” Youth Package will grants its young customers a priority to get training at the divisions that suit their education. They will also have an opportunity to attend numerous forums and training courses for their professional development.


Finally, because Emirates NBD understands that being young is about enjoying life and having fun, subscribing to Emirates NBD’s First Youth Package will mean chances to win tickets and trips to local and international destinations with Triptanza.




Emirates NBD has truly created a 360 degree plan, one that covers the fun side that comes with being young, whilst simultaneously pushing youths towards an increased level of financial autonomy, self-leadership, and responsibility.





WE SAID THIS: Thank you, Emirates NBD for giving youth the trust they deserve, under the slogan ‘Believe In You’.