Meet the Saudi Women That Are Literally Cycling Their Way to Empowerment

Via AlArabiya

The Arab world is a very odd, yet interesting region. Where else in the world would you read an article about women riding bicycles as a major step towards women’s rights. But alas, women doing the most simplest of activities like riding bicycles might be considered an actual taboo breaking headline.



Last year, Nadima Abu Al-Enein founded a group to unite Saudi women who enjoy riding bicycles — think a bicycle club, basically. They organize events and rides on their social media groups with a total number of 30 active members.


Via AlArabiya


Al-Besklita, which literally translates to bicycle, are always welcoming new members to join their girl gang!


Via AlArabiya


Their aim is to draw attention to female cyclists from all over Saudi Arabia, and help them pursue their love for cycling.



WE SAID THIS: You go, girls!