El Gouna FITCAMP: Egypt’s First Weight Loss And Performance Camp



Start your 2015 off with a bangin’ body – and a means to maintain it. El Gouna FITCAMP is a week-long program that combines exercise with education so that you can apply the fitness expertise you learn there all year round.

The first camp of its kind in Egypt, El Gouna FITCAMP is led by The Fitness Playground and LAX Gymnasium and Beauty Center, who promote a holistic view of health and fitness.

“FITCAMP is not a quick fix to unhealthy habits, nor is it an overnight makeover, but rather an opportunity to gain the knowledge, tools and skills to build and maintain your own healthy lifestyle,” they wrote.

On the fitness side of things, FITCAMP incorporates High Intensity Interval Training, Spinning, Capoeira, Cardio Kickboxing, Yoga and more.

Meanwhile, you’ll also learn about the basics of nutrition, fundamental exercises, various training methods and other skills to empower you on your fitness journey.

“Embrace El Gouna’s natural essence with outdoor hikes and water activities, but also get ready for a stimulating training program: personalized body assessments, day and night training sessions, custom-made meal plans and fitness and nutrition education seminars specifically designed to send you off feeling fresher, fitter, leaner and more motivated than ever to be the master of your new year,” they wrote.

El Gouna FITCAMP is taking place from Jan. 17-23. E-mail t.elkahhal@lax-gouna.com to register and check LAX Gym’s Facebook page for more details.



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