Egypt’s Pharmacists Syndicate Warns RH Negative Pregnant Women From Fake RhoGAM Shots

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If you follow any Facebook group for mothers on Egypt’s social media, one thing you must’ve noticed that pregnant women are wondering where they can find the RhoGAM shot. If you’re not pregnant or a woman, then this must be the first time you’ve ever heard about this, so allow us to enlighten you with Egypt’s latest woes.


When a Rh negative woman gets pregnant, her baby might be Rh positive. The problem starts when women give birth as some of their blood as well as the newborns’ get mixed. The mother immediately starts producing proteins called Rh antibodies which might attack her second baby, if it happens to be Rh positive as well. This could lead to life-threatening anemia, and damage the baby’s red blood cells.


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So how do we solve this? Women take a RhoGAM shot immediately after giving birth. The problem is that this shot has completely disappeared from Egypt’s market. Rumors have been circulating lately that pharmacies are selling fake shots. The Ministry of Health’s spokesman has just announced two days ago that there are over 14,000 injections saved in storage. Egyptian mothers need a prescription and they will be supplied at Egypt’s VACSERA.



The spokesman denied finding any fake shots in the raided pharmacies, only overpriced ones. However, last night the the Pharmacists Syndicate, Mohi Obaid, claimed that women should avoid pharmacies at all cost, as most of the products are either smuggled or fake. Obaid added that Egypt currently needs over 5000 injections per month to cover the demand.



WE SAID THIS: If you know anyone coming from abroad, please ask them to get you one, because no one knows what will happen next.