How Egyptians Utilize Car Horns as an Extra Means of Communication

Egyptians are well known for coming up with innovative ideas on how to utilize anything, in any way possible and for any purpose. From your mama’s notorious flying shebshebs (slippers), to discovering your mad shisha skills as you use car keys to adjust charcoal, or even using Google Maps to detect radar. I am not even going to lie, that is genius.


One thing — out of a million other innovations — we proudly came up with was turning those noisy car horns into an alternative means of communication. Here are seven terminologies from our very own language of car horns.



“Coming through!”


Via Tumblr


That’s your code when you’re coming out of a garage, or maybe if you’re into some Fast and Furious/Need for Speed/Baby Driver car drifting.



“Let me pass!”


Via Tumblr


Someone’s taking two lanes in the front? No problem.



“What’s taking you so long?!”


Via Giphy


I guess we all agree that those who take such a long time parking are the most irritating.



The anger beep


Via Giphy


No need to honk for so long, Egyptians came up with cursing beeps as well. Thug life emoji.



“Hello beautiful!”


Via Tumblr


As if we needed any more sick people to take catcalling to a whole new level?



“I’m just here to annoy everyone”




This one is for the microbus drivers who are probably doing it just for the joy of it. It’s like “hey, can you hear that?” *beep *beep*



“Here comes the bride!”




In Egypt, brides need quite an entrance — which is why roaming the streets of Cairo to tell the whole city you’re getting married via honking is a must.



WE SAID THIS: Which one is your favorite?

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