Anuket: Egyptian Brand Proves That Jewelry Is More Than Just an Accessory

Young entrepreneurs in the Middle East — especially Egypt — have been turning heads for the last few years, as they overcome cultural and other barriers. If you haven’t been living under a rock, then you’ll definitely know all about Anuket. But, if you do happen to be one of those people that have no idea what we’re talking about, let us enlighten you.


Anuket is a unique jewelry brand that is the brainchild of two promising Egyptian siblings.



Aly and Farida Khattab, the masterminds behind the Egyptian jewelry brand, discovered their mutual passion for personalized accessories after they realized how favorite piece of jewelry meant to them.



A rustic pendant with “Samy” carved on it, Aly cherished his grandpa’s necklace from back in the day when he wore it while studying in Russia. Farida, on the other hand, admits that she felt that she lost part of herself when she accidentally gave a friend of hers in India a pendant that she was gifted over seven years ago.



What the Khattabs proved is that jewelry is more than just another way to decorate our bodies; jewelry is an integral part of how we choose to express ourselves, and certain pieces can have a very special value to their owners.


“We wanted to create a jewelry brand that offers unique meaningful pieces that their bearers can truly relate and get attached to,” – Aly Khattab



Born to a very patriotic family, the Khattabs decided to name their brand after the Egyptian Goddess of the Nile, Anuket, to express how much they love and appreciate the glorious era of their ancestors.


“It feels so bad to have the most glorious history the world has ever seen, but hardly recognize its value,” – Farida Khattab



Anuket makes sure that they use Egyptian tools and elements in the whole production process. They also selectively choose adept craftsmen to become part of the Anuket team, to ensure a quality of handmade excellence. The brand’s jewelry is handcrafted with sterling silver and plated brass to ensure everyday luxury.



But that’s not it. When you purchase a piece of jewelry from Anuket, you should know that 10% of  the profit goes to Magdy Yaacoub and Nasser Cancer Institute.




Moreover, Anuket cooperated with British charity NGO, Hand in Hand for Syria, for a touching campaign. They designed a specific bracelet of which all of its profits will directly go into helping Syrians in need.



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