Egyptians Travelling to South Korea Now Require a Visa and Here’s Why!

By Salma Maher 

South Korea has officially had enough of Egyptians, literally. The once visa-free destination has decided to apply a new “pre-visa” policy just for Egyptians, effective as of October 2018. But let’s not take it personal; a total of 3244 refugee applications were filed in 2017, in addition to nearly around 138 asylum applications this year alone.

Via Day Tours Hurghada

The pre-visa comes as an attempt for the Korean government to tackle the forged documents dilemma they have been facing for quite sometime now!  Egyptian immigrants have repeatedly presented fabricated documents, basically letting all the human and capital inputs put into its verification go to waste, ultimately leading to the introduction of this policy.

WE SAID THIS: Following this news, the Egyptian government stroke back with the same exact strategy, requiring South Korean visitors to follow a pre-visa rather than the current-visa on arrival-policy.