Saudi Arabia’s Most Futuristic Pharmacy Will Be Run by a Robot!

Via: Tahawul Tech

By Nada Hamouda 

Saudi Arabia’s first robotic pharmacy is now up and running at King Fahd Specialist hospital in Tabuk province.

On Thursday, Prince Fahd bin Sultan, Governor of Tabuk Region, inaugurated the kingdom’s first robot-operated smart pharmacy. A project that will hopefully dispense about 1,500 packages of medicine per hour.

Via: Zawya

Moreover, the robotic pharmacy is supposed to store over 20,000 packages of medicine, reject expired drugs, and deal with 240 prescriptions per hour. This new service will help saving time; ensuring better control of drug stocks, and reducing medication errors.

Via: Al Bawaba

WE SAID THIS: Remember the robot, Sofia, that was granted the Saudi citizenship?! Seems like soon we will be seeing a Saudi Dr. Robot!