El Haddaba Just Released The Poster of His New Album And Our Timelines Can’t Handle It!

By Nada Hamouda

Egypt’s Superstar, Amr Diab, is about to release his new album soon. However, on Wednesday, Diab released the poster of his new album “Kol Hayati” on his official Facebook page. Obviously, this uplifting updates couldn’t just slide by on social media without hyping Diab’s huge fan base who can’t wait for this Summer album release.

Via: Facebook

Diab’s upcoming album will include both young and old Egyptian talents varying between writing lyrics and composing. Moreover, Diab has been cooperating with his long time friends; Composer Amr Moustafa, Songwriter Tamer Hussein, and Musical Distributor Nader Hamdy.

Forbes has released this week the list of “Arab Stars” with El Hadaba ranking ninth on the list. “The only Middle Eastern artist to have received seven World Music Awards so far,” Forbes described Diab.

And here’re some fans’ reactions over the 2018 album poster of the mega star:

Via: Facebook

“Now we can officially say that the Summer has started.”

Via: Facebook

Another Facebook user claimed that El Hadaba is number one of all time.

Via: Facebook

“More than 20 albums in your journey, Diab and I’m still enthusiastically waiting for the new one.”

Via: Facebook

One young user said: “May the one who says you’re a 56-year-old gal be damned. Apparently, I’m the one who is 56.”

WE SAID THIS: We literally can’t wait for the new album, Hadaba!

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