Egyptian MoneyHash Raises Big Bucks To Empower Businesses

The world of payments and transactions is one that’s diverse and multifaceted, with many payment methods offered in each country. That’s why payment orchestration platforms come into play; they help streamline payment processes for merchants through what’s known as unified payment APIs.

Egyptian fintech MoneyHash is one such platform that has managed to raise $4.5 million in seed funding.

Anyone using MoneyHash gets access to a wide range of pay-in and pay-out methods, including cards, wallets, bank transfers, crypto, BNPL, or cash. They also have a fully customizable checkout experience, transaction routing capabilities with fraud and failure rate optimizers, and a centralized transaction reporting hub. 

When taking a deep dive into the platform, MoneyHash’s chief product manager described it best, “the infrastructure is powered by over 200 pre-integrated APIs with payment service providers and payment methods across 80+ markets.”

Now, both merchants and customers will be able to navigate the complex payment ecosystem effectively, and with this funding, MoneyHash will grow exponentially in its technology.

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