Egypt, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia Top the World’s Fattest List

A recent study has revealed that five out of the 10 fattest countries in the world are actually in the Middle East!

Of course you have the United States and their voracious fast food eating habits on the list, but the rest of the countries are quite surprising:

Check out the 10 Fattest Countries in the World:



10. Trinidad & Tobago



30% of the population is overweight.



9.  Venezuela



30.8% of the population is overweight



8. United States



31.8% of the population is overweight



7. Mexico



32.8% of the population is overweight.



6.  South Africa



33.5% of the population is overweight.

“With thinness historically associated with disease and fatness with wealth and success, South African culture is a prime example of how this model is being turned on its head.”


5. United Arab Emirates



33.7 % of the population is overweight.

“Last year, in a bizarre campaign only fitting of a city as opulent as Dubai, its government launched a 30-day weight challenge which rewarded weight loss with gold – literally. Qualifying contestants stood to win two grams of solid gold — worth about $90 — for every two kilograms they managed to lose in the name of fighting obesity”.



4. Jordan



 34.3 % of  the population is overweight

“A 2010 report by the University of Jordan put the obesity rate of Jordanian adult women near 60%, almost double the rate of men”.



3. Egypt



34.6% of the population is overweight

10% of Egyptians drink five or more cans of soda daily.



2. Saudi Arabia



35.2 % of the population is overweight.

With around 72% of the country’s over-40 demographic qualifying as clinically obese, the Saudi Kingdom will likely face enormous health challenges in coming years.



1. Kuwait



42. 8 % of the population is overweight.

When American troops arrived in Kuwait during the first Gulf War, so did American fast food.



WE SAID THIS: Time to go to the diet doctor and adjust those eating habits!