Egypt Extends Visa Period For Foreign Yacht Tourists To Boost Yacht Tourism

In a bid to promote yacht tourism and remove obstacles faced by foreign yacht tourists along the Egyptian coasts, Egypt has decided to grant three-month visas instead of the previous one-month allowance. The Ministry of Transport announced this move on Tuesday, highlighting its efforts to facilitate the process for tourists and enhance their experience in Egypt.

The extension of the visa period is particularly beneficial for individuals who may encounter unexpected circumstances preventing them from leaving Egypt within their initial visa period. Factors such as bad weather, technical malfunctions, or natural disasters can now be accommodated under the new regulations. This flexibility ensures that tourists do not face unnecessary difficulties during their stay in Egypt.

Moreover, the introduction of an online portal called the Yacht Single Window has further facilitated the visa application process. Tourist yachts can now apply for and receive their visas within just 30 minutes through this specialized platform. Additionally, fees can be conveniently paid in US dollars, further streamlining the process for foreign yacht tourists.

Another significant change is that yachts are no longer restricted to leaving Egypt from only the port where they first arrived. Under the previous system, this was a mandatory requirement. However, with this new development, yachts now have the flexibility to depart from any tourist port in Egypt. This change allows tourists to plan their itineraries more freely and explore different parts of Egypt’s beautiful coastline.

The tourism sector in Egypt is a vital source of hard currency for the country. In an effort to revitalize this sector, Egypt aims to attract 15 million tourists by 2023. By removing obstacles and providing a more flexible and convenient experience for yacht tourists the country hopes to position itself as a premier destination for yacht tourism. 

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