Restoring Ties & Boosting Tourism: Egypt To Grant Iranians Visas On Arrival In Sinai

According to Egyptian tourism ministry officials, Egypt will soon permit Iranian tourists traveling in tour groups to obtain visas upon arrival in the southern part of the Sinai peninsula. The country also aims to facilitate access to other regions of the nation in the future. Tourism Minister Ahmad Issa said that “we will evaluate the experience of their arrival in South Sinai as a first step, and building on that, we’ll determine if they will be admitted in other places.”

This decision is part of other measures taken to ease visa access in order to boost tourism revenue. Additionally, it happens at a time when some Middle Eastern nations, including Egypt, are attempting to reduce regional tension. Just last month, Saudi Arabia and Iran declared that they will resume diplomatic ties.

Apart from Iran, Turkey is also among the countries where its tourists can obtain visa entry to Egypt upon arrival without any age restriction. Algerian and Moroccan tourists can also obtain the same visa on the condition that they are part of a tourist group.

Other new visa regulations include a $700, five-year, multiple-entry visa that was targeted at investors and property owners who are based outside of Egypt, according to Minister Issa.

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