Saudi Arabia To Build ‘River’ Longer Than The Nile

The world’s largest water project will be launched by Saudi Arabia by digging a “river” that is four meters deep, 11 meters wide, and 12,000 kilometers long. According to prominent Saudi reporter Ahmad Al Shugairi’s TV show ‘Seen’, the project will use anti-corrosion pipes with a diameter of 2.25 meters apiece. The project aims to surpass the Nile river, which is 6,650 kilometers long.

Al Shugairi said, “the amount of effort spent to create underground rivers provides us with water in our homes, even though we are in an area that is mostly desert. It is a blessing I was born with, and from getting used to it I forgot it and took it for granted. Thank you to everyone who had a hand that we wake up and find water at home.”

Via Canva

The length of the water pipes will move this fresh water from one location to another, according to Al Shugairi, after a few years. This implies that the scale of the project will be double that of the Nile.

Al Shugairi stated that the pipes running beneath Saudi cities are 126,000 kilometers long, and “if they were to circle the globe three times, they would produce 9.4 million cubic meters of water daily.” With these statements, Arabian Business have asserted that this network will be the largest desalinated water transportation system in the world.

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