Dubai to Hang Upside-Down Skyscraper from an Asteroid

Via cloudsao
Via cloudsao


Before you start wondering whether this is an early April’s fool joke or not, well, it’s not! That title you just read is true. Very true. A New York architecture firm has just revealed designs for a skyscraper that is suspended from an asteroid 31,068 miles above the Earth.


Can you guess which country they proposed as the location for the upside-down skyscraper? Drum rolls, please!


via cloudsao


Yup, it is Dubai! It really is s no surprise that they chose Dubai, given the city’s futuristic design.


The world’s tallest building, Analemma Tower, will orbit around the world in a figure of eight; giving residents a different view of the world throughout the day. What makes this place even more magical and interesting is how you can leave it! The only way to leave the skyscraper is via parachute!


Via cloudsao


Clouds Architecture Office, the firm behind the upside-down idea, stated on their website: “Analemma inverts the traditional diagram of an Earth-based foundation instead, depending on a space-based supporting foundation from which the tower is suspended.”


Analemma Tower is indeed the absolute dream of any adrenaline junkie in the world! Residents there do not have to travel to a new place; just parachute there!


Via cloudsao



WE SAID THIS: If you’re visiting Dubai, bring a parachute with you!