This Saudi Marriage Academy Can Get Men Married to 3 Wives in a Month

Via Marbepress
Via Marbepress


Just when you think you’ve seen it all, Hoazn Mirzan comes out and surprises us all with the…let’s just say bizarre concept we’ve ever heard before.


Mirzan, a Saudi lecturer in the King Abdulaziz University, was on Rotana Khalijia’s program Etegahad (Directions) and came up with the idea to open a Marriage Academy to help Saudis overcome the spinsters epidemic, as she says. The idea of the Marriage Academy is basically similar to “Star Academy.”  After graduating from the academy, the graduates will marry three women in one month. This is not a drill, this is real life.


The “students” attend three days a week for six months, where they’ll be given compatibility tests and will attend workshops through the six months. They’ll later be joined by therapists and specialists in the academy as well to make sure they’re mentally healthy.


Not anyone, however, can attend this academy. I mean, they gotta have rules, right? Mirzan says that the man has to be 25-years-old or older. We’re not sure why, but I’ve lost the ability to be surprised at this point. The men need to be (thankfully) single as well. The academy just doesn’t deal with already-married men, because of course not! The three wives they get at the end of the process have to be a maiden, a divorcee, and a widow. If the man fails in the academy, they can’t give him the wives.


It gets worse! After 10 years, if the man’s marriages are still going strong, he can get fourth wife for free!




WE SAID THIS: Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?


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