Dubai Goes Green: No More Single-Use Plastic Bags, Effective June 1

As of June 1st, single-use plastic bags have been banned across Dubai. Shoppers are encouraged to bring their own reusable carriers. Those violating this ban will face fines starting from AED 200, reaching up to AED 2,000 for repeated offenses.

The ban on single-use bags is part of Dubai’s plan to reduce waste and support a greener, more sustainable environment.

Dubai Municipality says that any bags thinner than 57 micrometers, whether made of paper, plastic, or other materials, are banned. However, bags thicker than 58 micrometers and those used for wrapping poultry and bread are still allowed.

The municipality has released an online guide in Arabic and English to address questions about the ban on single-use plastics. It offers green alternatives and sustainability tips for individuals, businesses, and institutions, aiming to promote eco-friendly practices.

Mohammed Alrayees, Head of the Waste Strategy and Projects Department at Dubai Municipality, emphasized its role in supporting sustainable behavior.

This prohibition on single-use materials is a key component of Dubai’s broader environmental strategy and builds on successful measures adopted in other parts of the UAE.

For instance, the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi has noted a 95% decrease in the use of single-use plastic bags in the first year since their ban began in June 2022.

Aligning With Dubai’s Vision for a Greener Future

Dubai is really stepping up to improve the environment. They’re doing things like saying no to plastic bags you use only once, which helps keep the city clean and more eco-friendly.

They’re also building Dubai Sustainable City, which only uses energy from the sun and wind, showing how much they care about being green. Plus, by 2050, they want most of the energy they use to be clean and not harmful to the planet. 

Other cool projects include fixing up places like the Dubai Water Canal, improving the metro, and establishing rules about building green buildings. They’re also building big solar parks and special green cities like Masdar City.

All of this shows how serious Dubai is about taking care of the Earth and wants everyone to be a part of it.

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