Moroccan Pharmacies to Offer Legal Cannabis Products: Details on the New Regulations

Starting in mid-June 2024, Morocco will begin selling legal cannabis-based products in pharmacies. This move is part of a new law, 13-21, which allows the sale of cannabis products under strict regulations. These products include cosmetics and dietary supplements like chocolate bars and candy.

Initially, pharmacies will stock nine dietary products and ten cosmetic products. These products have been approved by the Directorate of Medicines and Pharmacy (DMP). They will contain CBD, a non-psychoactive component of cannabis, with low THC levels.

THC is the substance in cannabis that causes a high. Products with less than 0.3% THC are considered safe for dietary supplements, and cosmetics must have 0% THC.

This initiative follows Morocco’s recent steps to regulate cannabis cultivation and processing. The National Agency for the Regulation of Cannabis-Related Activities (ANRAC) oversees this process. ANRAC ensures that all cannabis products meet legal requirements before they reach consumers.

To ensure safety and control, these products will be sold exclusively in pharmacies. This decision was made after a meeting at ANRAC’s headquarters, attended by pharmacists and representatives from the DMP.

The President of the National Council of the Order of Pharmacists, Hamza Guedira, emphasized that this controlled distribution will protect society, especially the youth, from misuse.

Many pharmacists and industry leaders support this new direction. Mohammed El Guerrouj, governor and general director of ANRAC, highlighted the importance of regulating THC content in these products.

However, some experts, like the President of the Confederation of Pharmacist Syndicates of Morocco, Lahbabi, call for more clarity and a strong legal framework to support this initiative.

Morocco’s decision to legalize and regulate cannabis-based health products marks a significant step forward. By ensuring these products are safe and legally available in pharmacies, the country aims to promote healthy and controlled use of cannabis derivatives.

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