Dubai-Based Professor Invents Space Chewing Gum for Astronauts

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Franziska Apprich, an assistant professor at the Canadian University in Dubai (CUD), just created a prototype of a chewing gum designed exclusively for astronauts. Apprich worked with a fellow professor from New York University to create the UAE space gum.


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The UAE space chewing gum might prove very handy for the future plans the UAE have in store for outer space. As we previously reported, UAE is planning to build the first city on Mars by 2117. The 100% locally produced space gum will not be all about the flavor, as the focus of the invention will be on the health and nutritional benefits.


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Chewing gum can relieve tension, something we here on Earth would desperately want. The space gum will also help maintain oral hygiene, which is a real concern for astronauts. The UAE space gum will contain natural gum, silver particles, date paste, honey and vitamin C, all wrapped up in a star-shaped shimmery, silver package.


The professor stated that “the gum is all-natural so that no harmful additives are absorbed into the system.” The vitamin C is great as it supports the immune system, and the silver particles will be used to treat bacteria in the mouth to help prevent oral diseases. The honey and the date paste is there to provide an energy boost, tasty flavor, and a tribute to the UAE culture.


Apprich will showcase the product in Dubai Expo 2020, and will work with UAE Space Agency to execute this critical and exciting product.


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WE SAID THIS: The real question remains, can they make gum bubble in space?