New Egypt Court Ruling Backs Tiran and Sanafir’s Transfer to Saudi Arabia

Tiran Island via: pixdaus

In November 2016, The Egyptian Supreme Administrative Court reached a verdict regarding the Tiran and Sanafir Treaty. The verdict that was issued stated that Tiran and Sanafir were Egyptian islands and, correspondingly, the treaty made with Saudi Arabia is illegal, as it would require the surrendering of Egyptian territory to a foreign government.


Tiran Island
via: pixdaus


On April 2nd 2017, however, The Egyptian Court for Urgent Issues issued a verdict that overrules this initial one. This new verdict states that Tiran and Sanafir do in fact belong to Saudi Arabia and, consequently, the deal struck to surrender Tiran and Sanafir is completely legal.


Sanafir Island
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Following the new verdict, Egyptian Prime Minister Sherif Ismail said he would present this treaty to parliament, for discussion and a vote.


Egyptian Prime Minister Sherif Ismail
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Questions have been raised by public opinion regarding the constitutionality of taking this issue to parliament, after a legal verdict has already been issued.



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