Dubai Announces A New Climate-controlled Highway Project Titled ‘The Loop’

According to the Khaleej Times, Dubai will have a 93-kilometer, climate-controlled highway titled “The Loop.” This new project will enable more than 3 million people to quickly access healthier and more eco-friendly transportation modes as well as various destinations by walking and cycling. The project, which is now at the research and development stage, intends to establish a “new benchmark” for the most advanced cycling and walking infrastructure available worldwide, according to Dubai developer URB in a statement to the Khaleej Times.

This new highway, according to URB, would create a joyful year-round atmosphere that will enable and encourage Dubai residents to walk and cycle as their main mode of transportation. The concept itself fits with Dubai’s 2040 goal where locals would have an approximate time of 20 minutes or less to go by foot or bike to reach their everyday destinations. CEO of URB, Baharash Bagherian, told Arabian Business that, “Dubai is the best place for entrepreneurship in urban mobility.” Bagherian continued by saying that The Loop project is a testament to a mentality that aspires to make Dubai the most connected city on the planet by foot or bike.

As a result, it is forecasted that this project will serve as a representation of the future of sustainable transportation by providing new kinds of utilities for people as well as infrastructural areas where a variety of recreational services can be offered.

Additionally, these types of infrastructures are enjoyable modes of sustainable transport even though some residents fear the summer heat.

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