‘Azmet Montasf El Omr’: Egypt’s Latest Drama Talking Taboos

Egypt’s latest show, “Azmet Montasf El Omr” (Mid-life Crisis) has everyone on social media talking due to its May-December storyline, shedding light on an age-disparate relationship. Starring Karim Fahmy, Rana Raeis, Reham Abdel Ghafour, and a host of guest stars. Not only unique for its taboo relationship of age disparity.

Set for a 15-episode run, the show tackles a romance between Omar (Fahmy) and Mariam (Raeis). The melodrama doesn’t hold back on providing viewers with one twist after the other. Though from the show’s trailer, it may seem that the most shocking storyline is revealed, that of the age-gap marriage. That only scratches the surface, as we delve deeper into Omar and Mariam’s relationship we’re introduced to the family and of course with family comes more drama.

As the romance between Omar and Mariam reaches a boiling point, his attention starts to shift in an unexpected direction, towards his mother-in-law, Fayrouz who is played expertly by Abdel Ghafour.

The show dissects many controversial subjects that range from marrying someone older to addiction. These elements are highlighted through the dichotomy of the characters; the mirroring of how Fayrouz and Mariam both marry men much older than them and what that entails.

With mixed viewers, some focusing on Fahmy’s performance stating, “it is difficult to watch the first two episodes and not to fall in love with Karim Fahmy.” While others only drawing comparisons to the Turkish hit and not being too happy about it, “it is more disgusting.”

The actor has been trending as through this role we’re seeing him in a new character; away from the light-hearted romance and comedic roles. His character, Omar is resurfacing the conversation of what really is the meaning of ‘toxicity’? The other polarizing conversation has been comparing the show itself to the famous Turkish drama, “Forbidden Love.” Striking the question if Omar and his mother-in-law, Fayrouz are the new Mohanad and Samar?

With just four episodes airing on Shahid, it has garnered marmite reviews. We’re expecting more twists and hopefully a better understanding of the relationship of Omar and Fayrouz. Let us know your thoughts.

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