Fans Are Buzzing All Over Social Media For Latest Drama “Al Thaman” Starring Razane Jammal

The elegant and talented Lebanese actress Razane Jammal once again generated quite the buzz with her latest portrayal of Sarah in the show “Al Thaman”, a Turkish adaptation that follows the story of a businessman called Zein played by the infamous Basil Khayyat who has an overt hate towards women because of events that occurred during his childhood. After meeting Sarah, a talented and spirited engineer who ends up working at his company, Sarah manages to break through his icy shell.

The emotional intensity of the scenes and the riveting and intense romance between Sarah and Zein have generated quite the stir all over social media. Ever since the show was released, there has been a huge buzz with Twitter fans gushing over the show.

Basil Khayyat was also celebrated for his excellent acting chops with many fans tweeting about his ability to tap into his emotions.

The show was not just loved by Arab audiences, it reached international acclaim with fans from all around the world including countries like France and Spain posting and gushing about Al Thaman.

The show was so popular that even its theme song performed by Elissa went viral.

Jammal was ecstatic over the buzz surrounding the show, sharing her excitement on Instagram “I’m still trying to wrap my head around the amount of love we’re receiving for “Al Thaman”.

With ten episodes out on streaming platforms, the actress said that audiences should expect, “more surprises to come”. We can’t wait to see how the show will unfold and dig deeper into the romance between Sarah and Zein.

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