Djerbahood: The Stunning Murals That Have Turned an Entire Tunisian Village Into An Open Air Museum

When you hear about an island somewhere, all that comes to mind is the sandy beaches and clear blue skies. Well, that’s not completely true for Djerba, Tunisia, cause there came an artist who changed the whole concept of the island as we know it, forever! Keep reading for the story behind Djerbahood.

It all started back in 2014 when the French-Tunisian artist, Mehdi Ben Cheikh, the director of the ‘Itinerrance de Paris’ Gallery, took his vision to the ancient village of Erriadh in central Djerba and began to turn it into an open-air museum, that’s when “Djerbahood” came to life! And we’re glad it did!

Ben Cheikh invited around 150 artists from 30 different countries to kick off the event, where they created more than 250 mural paintings using over 4500 cans of spray paint, they painted everywhere – literally – on walls, doors, roofs, and even arches, and homeowners got to choose what mural they would like to have.

Without further ado, we’ll leave you with six extraordinary murals from Djerbahood that were inspired by the culture and quaint charm of Erriadh and its people.

WE SAID THIS: Art has put the old-age city of Djerba on the map, that’s what art does, making pretty things 10X prettier!