Women of CIFF: The Actresses and Directors Who Highlighted This Year’s Festival

CIFF has previously announced during the Cannes Film Festival in 2018 to sign the Gender Parity Pledge 5050×2020 and become the first Arab festival, and second African, to actually join this commitment. It came to life at the CIFF’s 42nd edition where the promotion of gender equality and transparency was seen in action. A large percentage of amazing actresses, women directors, producers, and screenwriters were present to confirm such a strong position and their impact on Arab cinema just made our hearts grown ten times bigger. Keep reading to meet the women of CIFF!

So scroll down to check out these talented women; role models who only made the CIFF more outstanding.

The one and only Mona Zaki winning the ‘Faten Hamama Excellence Award’

Hagar Mahmoud, the very spontaneous and talented Sudanese actress of ‘Henet Ward’ who managed to touch all of our hearts

Sara Mesfer, the Saudi writer and director of the unique movie, ‘The Girls Who Burned the Night’

Jana Qamari & Haya Marabi, this talented duo took over the main roles of ‘The Girls Who Burned the Night’

The amazing Mayye Zayed, the well known and respected Egyptian director of ‘Lift Like a Girl’

Nesrine El Zayat, the Egyptian director of the debut feature ‘The Fence’

Nina Khada, the Tunisian director who managed to link the problems of immigration and its logical answers in ‘I Bit My Tongue’

Sara Shazly, the Egyptian director of the exclusive short movie ‘Isabel’

WE SAID THIS: Which movie did you like best? We can’t wait to see what else comes out of the women of CIFF!