Different Wedding Traditions Across The Arab Region

Weddings are joyous occasions celebrated around the world, and the Middle East is no exception. With its rich cultural heritage, the region boasts a plethora of unique and fun wedding traditions that have been passed down through generations. From vibrant dances to intricate rituals, Middle Eastern weddings are a true reflection of the region’s diverse customs and traditions. Let’s explore some of these delightful wedding traditions from countries in the Middle East.

Dough Sticked On The Door- Lebanon 

The dough theory is common in Baalbek, Lebanon. This theory indicates whether the marriage will be successful or not. They stick a piece of dough on the bride and groom’s door. If the dough remains in place the couple will have a long happy marriage. If not, the marriage will fall apart just as the dough did. 

Brides Fall During Dancing- Sudan 

The ritual of the falling bride in Sudan has a strong symbolism behind it. The husband should always have his wife’s back, which is translated in a literal way with this wedding tradition. The wife falls intentionally several times during dancing and the groom is expected to prevent the fall to prevent himself from serious embarrassment. 

Ladies Write Their Names On The Bride’s Shoe- Iraq

Usually, wedding traditions involve the bride and groom, but this one is for single ladies. In Iraq, it’s known that single ladies write their names on the bride’s shoes as a sign from the universe to bring them a good man and for their wedding to come next. It’s similar to the bouquet flower tradition but less competitive. 

Pinch The Bride – Egypt 

Similarly to the Iraq tradition in Egypt, single ladies pinch the bride’s leg as a way of hoping they’re next. The narration goes that they will find a partner in the wedding itself. 

Jumping On A Fish – Tunisia 

This tradition is one of the most bizarre ones as it includes many steps and ends with the bride eating a fish on her wedding night. It goes like this: they bring a decorated fish, which the bride and groom jump on seven times while holding hands. Then the bride has to eat this same fish. This tradition is meant to protect the couple from the evil eye and protect their life together. It’s most common in the city of Sfax due to its mass production of seafood. 

Middle Eastern weddings are a beautiful blend of customs, rituals, and celebrations that reflect the region’s rich heritage. These fun traditions add color, vibrancy, and cultural significance to wedding ceremonies across countries like Egypt, Morocco, Iraq, Lebanon and Tunisia. Usually, these traditions create unforgettable memories for both the couple getting married and their guests.

So next time you attend a wedding or even plan your own special day try to adapt some of these traditions to make your celebration even more memorable. 

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