Dhafer L’Abidine to Play Lead Role in Arab ‘Prison Break’



One thing we learned for sure last Ramadan is that most Arab females are secretly in love with Dhafer L’abidine.

The Tunisian star who swept every Arab woman off her feet this year with his role in Ta7t ElSaytara decided to take it up another notch with a lead role in the Arab adaptation of hit Fox TV series Prison Break.

The shooting is set to start next year and the heartthrob nailed the lead role as fictional character Michael Scofield, played originally by Wentworth Miller. Now this is amazing and all, but we have demands that will guarantee that this series becomes a flawless blend of Prison Break, The Notebook, Sons of Anarchy and Fifty Shades of Grey, otherwise we’re not watching.



First thing’s first



We want Dhafer to portray the ultimate Alpha male, the misunderstood bad boy, the untamable beast, the Arab Christian Grey whose insides are nothing but bunnies and rainbows.



We want cage fights


Photo Credit: 35mmcreativestudios

This prison has to have some illegal activities solely for the joy of the corrupted prison officers, where Dhafer is thrown into a cage and has to fight for his life



We want shower scenes



Dhafer can’t take the pressure and breaks down in tears, banging the shower tiles. We want this meltdown to be in true Ryan Gosling fashion. We love vulnerable men, hence our The Notebook movie addiction.



We want a long lost lover



Someone who actually works in the prison, maybe a nurse who is engaged, because as much as we will enjoy the Prison Break plot, nothing brings rating like love triangles.



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