CSR Heroes: From Pepsi to Etisalat, These Egypt-Based Companies Are Challenging Each Other for the Better Good

Via Egypt Independent

The coronavirus pandemic has completely changed our lifestyles and will most probably have a huge role in shaping our futures. It’s how we act now towards the pandemic that will decide the outcome of the fight against it.

While some people are complaining because of their boredom while staying at home, others have much more serious problems. Some people like construction workers and their families depend entirely on a daily income that was cut because of the pandemic, and they are now struggling to find basic necessities such as food.

Communications Giant, Etisalat Misr challenged Pepsi Masr to help out families that are in need because of the pandemic, and they accepted the challenge! Chairman and CEO of Pepsi Masr, Mohamed Shelbaya announced in a video that Pepsi will support 15,000 families that depend on daily income through the initiative of the Egyptian Food Bank.

To continue the cycle of good deeds, Pepsi passed on the challenge to Nestle and Mars. These corporations are role models of social responsibility, and it’s now time for other businesses that can afford to follow their lead to do so, because if everyone just cared for themselves we might not pass through these tough times in one piece.

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