Cringiest Looks From Early 2000s Egyptian Cinema That We Are Glad Are Gone

Back in the early 2000s, when it came to fashion, a lot of us relied on TV shows and films as our source of inspiration all the way up to the turn of the century. Everyone tuning into Rotana Cinema, Melody and ART saw the biggest stars of the 2000s era including Hanan Tork and Mona Zaki gracing the screens with the latest fashion looks. There was the classic choker, an overdose of plaid and denim on denim but among these looks were some hilarious fashion choices. Today, we are taking a look at some of these cringey fashion looks of the 2000s era.

An Explosion Of Yellow in Abo Ali -2005

In “Abo Ali”, Salma (Mona Zaki), a whimsical character with a track record of bad choices gets pulled into a hilarious adventure with on-the-run fugitive Hassan (Karim Abdel Aziz). You’d think that the crazy factor is already churned to a record high but let’s not forget the equally flashy yellow ensembles Salma wore throughout the film. Whether it’s the mustard frill dress or the yellow tank top, skirt, blazer and heels combo, we can definitely say that Salma is the literal embodiment of hilarious eccentricity.


The “I Love You” Wedding Dress in Omar & Salma – 2007

Nothing screams over-the-top romance than a full-fledged wedding but when it comes to Omar & Salma, the couple starring in a film of the same name, their expression of love is taken to new heights. On their wedding day, we see Salma (Mai Ezz Eldin) in a simple white column wedding dress, a relatively normal outfit, that is until she faces the camera and we get an unobstructed look at the of the front of her dress. Sewn in large pink letters across the hem of her dress are the words “I Love You”. Let’s just say that by the end of their wedding night, no one could deny their love.

Next-Level Twinning in Kallem Mama – 2003

Anyone who watches Kallem Mama starring Abla Kamel and the girl group of friends including Mai Ezz Eldin, Menna Shalabi, Maha Ahmed and Donia Abd Elaziz are always in for high-energy fast-paced jam packed scenes filled with dance, music and humor. Who doesn’t love seeing Abla Kamel atop a microbus, clapping and cheering with a crowd of men. Along with that, you cannot ignore the classic scene that epitomizes full-on girl group energy of the four female leads belting it out in matched glossy tunics, extremely tight pants and an excessive amount of makeup.


The Boarding School Outfit Gone Wrong in Ya Ana Ya Khalty – 2005

Flamboyant, fun and whimsical are all words to describe the hilarious comedy known famously as “Ya Ana Ya Khalty” starring Mohamed Henedi and Donia Samir Ghanem. Knowing that a big part of the film revolves around Henedi disguising himself as a witch-like character called Khala Nousa to convince his future mother-in-law to wed Ghanem’s character, hilarious and outlandish clothes are a given. Among the many outfits that graced the screen, the one that truly grabbed our attention was of Ghanem’s outfit during her first singing performance with Henedi. On the stage, we see Ghanem in a loud, fluorescent orange mini dress paired with a cropped black jacket and shimmering bangles. Over-the-top barely scratches the surface when thinking of this outfit.

Warning: Smoke Alert in Ali Spicy – 2005

Putting the cabaret mood into full swing is the 2005 flick known to everyone as “Ali Spicy”. With Hakeem and Somaya El Khashab acting as cabaret performers , the spice factor is definitely already up there. Beyond that is the loud and bright fashion adorned by the two stars. During the closing performance of the entire film, we all got to witness El Khashab on the stage wearing a vivacious red bodice-like top paired with a jeans skirt decorated with an assortment of red patches. Let’s just say the outfit may have triggered a couple of smoke alarms.


Corset Gone Wrong in El Basha Telmeez – 2004

Set within a bustling private university, an undercover cop, Karim Abdel Aziz, disguised as a student meets his potential love interest played by the one and only Ghada Adel. Epitomizing the classic outgoing and free spirited party girl, Adel’s character easily grabs Aziz’s attention. It’s hard not to notice Adel especially as she even goes all out with her outfits. Her craziest ensemble has to be the wacky combo of a sleeveless lace shirt, a brown corset packed with messages laced in sexual innuendo and even a massive bulky necklace. It makes sense how she caught Aziz’s eye from the get-go.

Looking back at all these over-the-top and eccentric fashion looks is a unique and fun way of taking a trip down memory lane. Let us know in the comments if there are any other hilarious fashion looks from way back when.

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