Credit to the Artist: Malak El-Husseiny’s New Video ‘You Are’ Is Out and It’s Gorgeously Dreamy

The Egyptian singer and songwriter Malak El-Husseiny just launched her new single, ‘You Are’, and the video is stunning. A big round of applause to Malak, who just made her directorial debut! This video showcases a different love language, one we’re not used to, a language of openness and vulnerability. The video follows Malak as she walks through different manifestations of nature, navigating her openness through contemporary dance movements, making the audience feel the connection she’s aiming to send.

Via Youtube

This was the singer’s first time to direct her own video, with a big team behind her, varying from the amazing Cinematographer Omar Abou Doma, Choreographer Darius “Dario” Boatner helping Malak put feelings into her movements, Poucy ElShahawy and Sara Onsi for styling and fitting, and of course, Moataz Hamdy for producing the song, Mansion Mastering for mastering and mixing, and finally, Ardi Holistic Wellness Center for the amazing location that allows the audience relate even more to the song.

Malak dropped her debut EP, “Alters,” in 2014 and immediately grabbed our attention with her own unique style and electro-pop that reminded people to Lana Del Ray and others. ‘You Are’ is now available for binge listening on streaming services.

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