Citroen; Uniting France and Egypt As One

A solid plan with a solid team gives you a solid Citroen car! Citroen stands for top notch service in your car, and July 2019 marked a special year for Citroen Egypt. Since then, they’ve been moving forward all over Egypt with their remarkable standards, with their statement “Bringing France to Egypt!” Citroën is a French automobile manufacturer founded in 1919 by industrialist André Citroën, and has been part of Stellantis, a multinational automotive manufacturer since 2021. The Egyptian European Automotive company got the best Citroën importer around the world in 2020. Kasrawy Group and Citroën celebrated the award in the event that took place on Friday, April 9th, at the French Embassy. Certainly with the help and presence of the French Ambassador in Egypt, Mr. Stéphane Romatet. Now, how can an event like this end without the performance of the one and only star Amr Diab? No one could miss such an event, full of several celebrities and businessmen, filled with charisma and elegance.

This event covered everything, from celebrating Kasrawy and Citroen to entertainment, celebrities, food and the stunning Nelly Cassis. Fun fact about the event: during the event Amr Diab asked Citroën to give him a car, and afterwards they actually did! The singer received a C5 Aircross and a video was shot with Amr Diab as he was getting into the car. Truly a rare but eventful surprise, don’t you think?

Citroen is reaching new heights and stretching their activities all over Egypt with 14 sales dealers and 7 service centers, and their new C5 SUV Aircross is not one to be missed. Citroen is all about credibility, top notch service, connection and growth. Lately, they’ve had a handful of discoveries and collaborations, and here’s a shoutout to all the milestones they’ve achieved, and to many more!

All about C5 Aircross

New C5 Aircross SUV is Citroen’s latest model to feature a suspension with Progressive Hydraulic Cushions, a Citroën innovation, driven by the company’s expertise in suspension systems. This specific car has several amazing features. The strong points will make you feel astonished in ways you’ve yet to experience, such as the panoramic roof, the advanced comfort seats, grip control with hill descent assist, and more. Citroen is well aware and experienced in pampering their customers!

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