Choosing the Best Wide Format Printers

Printers come in a variety of formats. The format that you want to work with depends on the type of graphics and size of the files you are working with. Sometimes you need a wide format printer to be able to print bigger and better copies. If you are dealing with large files like the posters, portraits, maps, and blueprints for your company, you require a wide format printer to deliver quality copies.

However, before you go shopping for the wide format printer, there are several factors that you should consider to get the best printer for your work.


One of the most important factors to consider when buying a wide format printer is its speed. The speed of the printer will determine how fast you can finish tasks and hence can significantly affect your output. Therefore, consider the duration the printer takes to receive a printing command from a computer as well as the time it takes to print the document. You should settle on the printer that takes the least time to do all the above.

Color and/or Black-and-White

When buying a wide format printer, you have to decide whether to buy one that prints in black and white or one that can print in color, depending on the needs of your business. Therefore, you have to consider the type of print jobs that you intend to do. If you intend to print photos, posters, or presentations, you’ll probably require color.  On the other hand, if you only intend to print technical documents, a B&W printer is ideal. Better yet, you will benefit from reduced toner costs and faster print speeds.

If you intend to print in both color and B&W, then choose a printer that can do both. It may be more expensive, but it will benefit you in the long run.


Wide format printers come in different sizes, from 8.5×11 to 34×44 inches. The size of the printer to choose will depend on the image sizes you wish to print. Wider printers can handle longer heavier and longer rolls, which can save you money. If you’re looking for an 11×17 printer, we encourage you to check some 11×17 printer reviews to find the best in the market.

Quality of Print

The purpose of any printer is to print a good copy that is easily readable due to clarity. For this reason, consider the quality of the print that is being done by the wide format printer that you have chosen. The resolution of the printer should be good to give quality images.

Simplicity of Use

It’s important to choose a wide format printer that’s easy to use to ensure a smooth workflow and less frustration. Therefore, consider things like the user interface, the addition of ink to the printer, the specifications of each print job, and the general settings of the printer. Choose a printer that is easy to load and unload media, navigate through the control panel, and set up and use the printer’s drivers.

Space Required for the Printer

Unlike the other printers which come in small sizes and high portability, wide format printers are large and therefore require more floor space. You should, therefore, think about the amount of space you have in your office or printing room and evaluate if the printer will fit. Ensure there’s sufficient space for the handling of prints.

The Cost of the Printer

A wide format printer is a big investment, and therefore, it’s important to evaluate if it will provide your business a solid return on investment. Therefore, consider the unit’s price as well as the cost of running the system such as consumables, maintenance, and upgrades.

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