Princess Reema Starts Role as First Female Saudi Ambassador to the U.S

According to Fahad Nazer, spokesperson for the Saudi embassy in the US, last Wednesday, Princess Reema Bint Bandar Al-Saud presented a copy of her credentials to the State Department in Washington DC, therefore, becoming the kingdom’s 11th ambassador to the United States. She will be the first Saudi woman to hold this post since 1945.

Via: Arabian Business

Princess Reem has extensive knowledge of US politics and seeks to strengthen Saudi-American ties. She has also been an advocate of women’s and children’s rights, creating opportunities for women in the workforce throughout the kingdom. She’s also a founding member of the “Zahra Breast Cancer Awareness Association”, and “Alf Khair” that aims to help professional capital of Saudi women. 

“Saudi Arabia greatly values its strategically vital bilateral relations with the United States…Princess Reema is committed to ensuring that the relationship continues to strengthen and broaden on the political, military, economic and cultural fronts” Fahad Nazar said.

WE SAID THIS: Princess Reema has dedicated her career to solely bettering the lives of Saudi women.