Capturing Timeless Moments: Wedding Photographers Sharing Their Unique Methods

The first thought that enters your head when you think about your wedding is typically the venue, music, and food. However, to make the day truly shine and documented well beyond the day, we’ve taken a look at some of Egypt’s best photographers that capture every memory on the big day.

Waled Saad 

When it comes to adventurous wedding photography, Waled Saad is a master. He claimed to be one of the extremely few photographers who provides this service. Saad has escorted a few couples all the way to Saint Catherine before the big day, though not many Egyptians are aware of it. Eight years into the wedding photography business, Saad even had time to share a humorous story with us. He told us of a time when he was photographing the bride’s preparations and as she was applying makeup, he took a few pictures and later presented them to her. She was extremely mesmerized by the photographs that she cried and ruined all of her makeup.

Saad provides Cairo wedding photography services that range from 9k to 16k and for destination photoshoots via wanderlustdahab, with prices ranging from $1,000 to $1,500. Undoubtedly, he is an experienced photographer who has traveled outside of Cairo and abroad with couples in search of the ideal shot. Nevertheless, Saad focuses on the concept of how parents typically behave on wedding nights and their genuine reactions to it. He is then able to create and seek out these moments out of a passion for such emotions.

Eslam Piko

Piko Studios owner Eslam Piko spoke with us about how he plans weddings to take the best photos. Piko often works scenario by scenario while taking into account unforeseen circumstances such as the delays that are unavoidable during weddings. Piko noted that taking images during the day is undoubtedly nicer. He also stated that the cost for a full day of photography might start at 25k and includes everything from the bride’s preparations to virtually the very final seconds of the wedding.

The client is also the foundation of all we do. He remarked, “A proper brief must be done beforehand with the customer in order to highlight their needs and take the greatest images of this particular night.” Additionally, the size of Piko’s staff varies based on the number of guests attending the event. Even though it might seem like it’s all work, Piko has informed us about some fun times as well. His favorite part is photographing the bride and groom in their portraits and figuring out how to make them feel at ease and enjoy the session. The photographer’s role, according to Piko, is to bring the two of them together and make them feel at ease…..then it’s all fun after that.

Remon El Markiz

Two Owls Studios founder Remon El Markiz shared his tips for getting ready for weddings, saying that “I always have a backup of my equipment, memory cards, and usually attend at weddings in advance to scout the venue’s setup. This is due to the fact that each wedding always has unique elements.” El Markiz also participates in smaller events by himself, and larger events with a team of three. Additionally, his studio provides other services such as cinematography, and he prefers to film the entire wedding day.

El Markiz enjoys capturing every little detail of the wedding to produce stunning images for the bride and groom. Moments of emotion and displays of love are his favorite aspects of weddings. He stated that he focuses mostly on eye contact and that “spending as much attention to minor things is the key to excellent wedding photographs.”

Peter Morcos

Peter Morcos founder of WeDoFilms, a company that specializes in creating highlights and short films for weddings. Morcos informed us when we met down with him that his movies are typically around 10 to 30 minutes long and are meant to provide the bride and groom with a unique experience they may later enjoy. To improve matters even further, Morcos and his colleagues employ a drone (from a company that has the necessary permits) to snap various shots and make use of the drone’s adaptability.

He went so far as to say that the greatest time to shoot is during the “golden hour,” which is typically between 5-7 pm. The average cost of his company’s services is around 15k–18k while the amount of time it takes to prepare for the wedding varies depending on whether Morcos and his team are available….first come, first served.

When asked about his favorite moments in weddings Morcos stated that “the most fascinating aspect of my profession is watching the parents’ emotional reactions when their kids emerge from the house dressed and prepared to begin a new chapter.


Romeo is an enthusiast for capturing unplanned moments, especially for couples who enjoy having surprises during their weddings. He claimed that he immediately knows that his camera lens will be set up to capture something special when the client informs him that there is a surprise for the bride or the groom. Additionally, he provides cinematography and videography services, with prices ranging from 12k to 17k.

Once more, everything is based on the number of visitors and the exact wishes that the client has already shared. There are more photographers the more guests there are. When Romeo then edits the photographs after the wedding, he usually looks for ones that are spontaneous, genuine, and most importantly feel natural. It is his favorite part of the job as he stated. Nothing can beat an image that portrays the genuine love that two people can have for each other.

Via Romeo

Muhamed Sabry

Muhamed Sabry is a talented wedding photographer who has plenty to share. He enjoys capturing genuine moments and making his clients happy. His company provides services in videography, cinematography, and reels. With pricing ranging from 6k to 9k, he is ready to do more than simply shoot pictures—eager he is to wipe out the awkwardness that typically arises between the bride and the groom at the beginning of every wedding and replace it with real moments. Focusing on the important individuals who are typically present around the bride and groom allows him to accomplish this.

He then told us a story of a woman who was getting ready for the wedding when he decided to put her in front of the mirror and put her parents behind her so they could see their reflections. When they saw how their bride had grown up and was about to start a new adventure, they began to cry. The three of them were overcome with emotion, and the photos were wonderful.

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