We Cannot Stop Obsessing Over Bella Hadid’s New Video For Love Magazine

via styecaster

We need to talk about Bella Hadid’s new videos for Love magazine, a bi-annual British style Magazine, that has the whole world talking! Hadid, the Palestinian model, went from being Gigi’s sister, to protesting in a march chanting “Jerusalem is and will always be Palestinian”, to starring in an erotic videos for Love magazine.

In one of the two videos,  Hadid was “doing some superb sledge hammering” in an attempt to represent woman power and strength, that many people didn’t get … maybe they were concentrating on other stuff? but honestly, she was killing it in her high ponytail and red satin lingerie.

The other video, she was in a pink and blue one piece body suit, while posing provocatively… with a banana.We must say she is shamelessly embracing her self-love and we love it!

Gigi Hadid was always the star when the media talked about the two sisters, but recently there has been a slight switch in the social media’s attention from Gigi to Bella Hadid, but it looks like it will not be so slight after these videos.

WE SAID THIS: Bella Hadid is the closest thing to a shape-shifter (but personality wise)!