Why Is Ashley Graham Wearing A Swimsuit In The Desert?

via glamour

Ashley Graham is an American Plus-Size model that has all eyes on her. She was featured in every big magazine there is; such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, and Elle. Three days ago, she posted a video on Instagram singing her heart out, wearing Swimsuits For All’s leopard print one piece, during her shoot in Morocco, and we absolutely love it!

However, one thing that’s confusing us is why she is in a swimsuit in the middle of the desert? literally! But we cannot deny that she looks stunning and playful, to be honest. Graham seems to be having lots of fun while modeling for Swimsuits For All’s February 2018 collection, which is available now on their official page.

WE SAID THIS: The world was blinded by Graham’s beauty that they did not notice the photo shoot’s inconvenience!