45 Knot Winds Capsized Team O2’s Boat

Earlier this month, we announced that Team O2, Egyptian duo Omar Samra and Omar Nour,  are set to embark on the world’s toughest row; 5,000 kilometers across the Atlantic Ocean. They would have been the first Egyptian team to complete in this dangerous challenge. O2 were scheduled to start their journey on the 12th of December, and the average time required for the challenge was 60 days.

Omar Samra’s Instagram Account just posted a very sad piece of news, that mighty 45 knot winds capsized O2’s boat. Luckily, the two Egyptian daredevils survived the crash, and were rescued after being lost for almost 12 hours in the vast ocean!

The team is now safe onboard a 200m Greek-German cargo ship that came to their aid and was able to bring them onboard after 3-4 hours long of rescue attempts in worsening conditions. The post also mentions that the ship’s Captain and Senior Officers were Egyptians.

Week 01 Complete: “One week has passed already. It is hard to say if time has flown by or passed super slow. It feels like both are true. We knew this would be tough. But it is a whole different kind of suffering than what I am used to, and certainly @o.n.tri as well. Everything is on repeat. We can’t walk but just seem to crawl from one end of the boat to the other. Things we once took for granted now seems like a distant memory. We miss our family and loved ones, and most of all I miss my daughter. In just 7 days we have experienced so many ups and downs. Truth be told. It has been mostly downs but we hang into the hope that everyone says that it gets better. We have yet to develop an appetite and the thought of eating a proper meal still makes our stomach turn. We feel weak and dehydrated for most of our days. This has been compound by battery and power problems we have been experiencing in the last two days. Today we had a shut off all power and have been hand steering & navigating by compass. We may just have enough power now to make some water & turn on the autopilot through the night. I know this seems bleak but rest assured our spirits remains resilient & our partnership stronger. The ocean has tested us for sure. We are happy to still be giving it our all. Unfortunately, 3 teams are already out of the challenge for various reasons. On a closing note, there is a great sense of peace here in this vast blue ocean and a sense of elation, albeit buried deep down for now, that we are doing something extraordinary and we are hopeful that it will pay off. On with week 2! @dhlexpress @wildguanabana @ventumracing @undparabic @unhcr_arabic #teamo2 #rowing4refugees #twac2017 #mountains2oceans #rowingtheatlantic #atlanticchallenge credit to the @atlanticcampaigns & Ben Duffy. Posted by Admin.

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The ship’s destination is Spain and is expected to arrive on the 28th. We can’t wait for the two Omars to come back safely to Egypt and announce their epic survival story.

WE SAID THIS: O2 may not have finished the challenge, but they certainly made all Egyptians proud. 

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