Cairo’s Top Scoops: 5 Awesome Ice-Cream Joints to Get You Through the Winter

Who said ice cream and winter can’t go quite well together? Some people actually believe the myth that you can only enjoy the cold treats in summer, but that’s not completely true, cause you can’t go wrong with ice cream, in any season, and you’ll probably enjoy it even more in winter, especially if you’re targeting the right places! And if you are wondering why, here’s just one reason that winter is perfect, you can actually eat your ice cream without worrying that it’s gonna melt and start dripping everywhere, cause you know what? Winter is gonna be your freezer!

After all, we don’t think that any ice cream enthusiast needs to be talked into getting ice-cream right? So let’s just get into it, here are 5 places in Cairo where you can enjoy this mouthwatering cold treat that will go perfectly with the weather these days.


Dolato Egypt is taking gelato to a whole new level, they even have a winter collection with La Renna Morena’s new range that you can only find it there… say no more!


If you’re an ice-cream enthusiast, then definetely you will give this place 20 out of 10 when it comes to flavor, from the Chili Chocolate to the Cheesecake and Apple Strudel


If you find yourself in the Heliopolis neighberhood and you’re craving some famous Italian ice cream that will make you nostalgic to that one trip to italy, this is your to-go spot, try it and thank us later!


You have probably heard about this place, like several times from your friends and family or even your colleagues. The shop idea came from an ice cream enthusiast herself who enjoyed the treat in several countries around the world. That’s why we can say it’s made with passion…. Like real passion! And to add to that, it’s actually made from scratch, without artificial colors.


Famous for their fresh gelato that’s produced at their store with the best ingredients to make delicious flavors of Italian gelato, and there’s an open window to their kitchen, where you can see all the magic happens there!

WE SAID THIS: Ice cream is a MUST all year round, so if you have a sore throat, try to soothe it with this delicate-creamy treat this winter!