Cairopathix & Mr Kordy: Here’s Why Their New Song is Reshaping the Music Industry!

Egypt is known for its rich and deep culture. Across different aspects of life and art mediums, especially in the music sector. Although it may seem like this day and age, the constant conflict standing is between old souls who convey music as dead when the Tarab ended, listening only to classics and the westernized modernists who only think about genres that range from the US like hip hop and rap. However, amidst all this conflict, something new always shines through. One of these new creations is the new blend of rock and rap that is purely made by Egyptians for Egyptians.

The instant “hit”

Just yesterday, the track “Deep Down” dropped on Mr Kordy’s official YouTube channel. Garnering over 20k views in such a short time. The song is a collaboration between Cairo’s main rapper and the Egyptian hard rock band, Cairopathix. Harmoniously, the track is a perfect blend between the two genres with the sweet spot of the right amount of rap lines, rhyme scheme, and soaring guitar riffs. Surprisingly, though, the song sheds light on mental issues and the struggle with one’s own self. Depicted beautifully with visuals that are simple yet impactful through its music video.

The artists

Mr Kordy, a first-generation Egyptian rapper known for his gangster style through and through. With a huge following since breaking into the scene, he founded CCG brand in 2004 and is considered one of the OGs of the rap scene. On the other end of the music spectrum, we have Cairopathix. A hard rock band recently formed with six band members, and even though they’re fairly new, their style of rock is familiar yet truly unique at the same time. It’s almost as if they are reintroducing the rock genre as if it is our own Egyptian music which is quite fascinating. 

The Future of Egyptian Music

The thing is, both artists are making waves on their own, in their respective genres. Whether a seasoned hip hop king like Mr Kordy, or a fairly new but genius band like Cairopathix, both artists are revolutionary in a way that’s hard to mess. Meaning so much music is on the way for the Egyptian community! Because to be a founder of the hip hop underground scene and be a catalyst for the genre by moving it to a mainstream setting like Mr Kordy achieved or a fresh rock band introducing a new tone, unlike any other Egyptian band, just like Cairopathix, this collaboration will ignite a fire for aspiring musicians out there. These two artists and many others following in their footsteps will most definitely be putting us back on the world map.

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