From the Heart of Cairo, a Dance Program That Needs to be on Your bucket List

Egypt’s ‘Hawssa,’ a new innovative dance and exercise program from the heart of Cairo, is blending Middle Eastern beats, Indian rhythms, and hip hop music in an experience that is personal and unique. This is a one-of-a-kind program that encourages exciting physical activity and choreography for the newest songs while having a good time!

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Captain Sherif Ahmed & Hawssa Dance fitness team

Sherif Ahmed, the founder of Hawssa, told Ahram Online that his primary goal was to create an Egyptian dance fitness training program that focused on Egyptian and eastern musical cultures.

He went on to say:

The Hawssa dance fitness program incorporates motions from oriental belly dance, Nubian, Saidi (Upper Egypt), Khaliji, Rai, and Arabic folk dance (dabke), all of which are combined and interwoven with training routines.

Sherif Ahmed via Ahram Online

Sherif Ahmed graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education and the Faculty of Social Work in France with bachelor’s degrees in both fields. In addition, before returning to Egypt, he was a former bodybuilder for the French national team. He then discovered a new method combining his passion for dancing and fitness into a program that offers excitement and enthusiasm to those who participate.

With 70 Egyptians and 130 experienced Hawssa instructors from all over the world, Hawssa became a center for dance enthusiasts over time. Also, this is a program that is open to beginners who are interested in dance and fitness in general, and it does not require professionals or those who are exceptionally fit to participate. Therefore, sessions are designed to accommodate people of all ages who are searching for a fun fit hour.

To make it easier for folks who don’t always have the time to squeeze in a workout throughout the day, Hawssa designed Hawssa At Home. This allows users to subscribe to Hawssa’s recorded classes and exercise whenever it is convenient for them.

Without a doubt, dancing is a type of exercise that brings people together and brings them closer to a common goal. This goal does not have to be solely physical fitness; it can also include becoming a better dancer, having some fun, and, most importantly, learning something new!

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