Cairo Residents, Here’s Why the Color of the Nile Has Been Brown Lately!

If you’ve walked in the streets recently in any area overlooking the Nile, you must’ve noticed the brown color of the water. A few days ago, the color of the water started turning into a brown-yellow color, with many people speculating and worrying about the reason behind it.

In response, Egypt’s Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation reassured the public that the reason behind this change of color is the rain and flooding that happened in Beni Suef, Al Minya, and other Egyptian governorates. “When there’s heavy rainfall on mountains, the water turns brown, in turn affecting the overall color of the Nile,” said Dr Eman Sayed, Head Of the Planning Sector at the Ministry. She also stressed that the color of the water will go back to normal soon, and asked people not to worry.

The Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, Dr Mohamed Abdel Aty, also stated that the ministry is currently directing its efforts to prepare the necessary operations and emergency rooms, to ensure their readiness to deal with heavy rain and floods.

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