Counter Human Trafficking; A New Campaign Aiming to End Exploitation in Egypt

Human trafficking, in all its forms, is a crime against humanity. Here in Egypt, and in several parts of the Arab region, people either are not aware when the crime is happening to them or to someone they know, or choose to ignore it because they feel helpless or think they need some kind of authority or power to be able to fight it. Funded by the Embassy of Denmark in Egypt, BEE Media Productions launched a Counter Human Trafficking campaign to raise awareness on different forms of human trafficking in Egypt, and ways to report it.

The video shows incidents of sexual exploitation, forced labor, exploitation of children, and organ trafficking. One of the most common forms of human trafficking in Egypt is when a man marries off his daughter in exchange for money. This often happens among uneducated circles and in villages, where young women often have no say in their marriage.

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While some forms of human trafficking are obvious, like organ trafficking, others can sometimes be unseen or unnoticeable, like child labor or exploiting homeless children for free labor. Many of us see situations like these on daily basis but refuse to take action.

If you or someone you know is suffering from any form of human trafficking, report it to the authorities, or contact The National Council for Childhood and Motherhood on 16000, or the National Council for Women on 15115, or the National Council for Human Rights on 15508. We can counter human trafficking together!

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