Going Mental: Just Bizzare’s New Campaign Addressing Depression in Egypt is a Must Watch

In Arab households, it’s very common to hear someone say “I think I’m going through depression”, and someone else responding with “stop being too sensitive” or “you’re probably just a little upset”. And unfortunately, part of that problem lies in how many of us throw in depression unnecessarily, all the time, so when someone is actually suffering, it is immediately dismissed, not to mention that till today, many people consider depression as a state of mind or a mood that can just go away by itself.

We came across a mental health awareness campaign by Just Bizarre, where a family of four is having a meal, and the girl states that she has visited a psychiatrist who confirmed that she is suffering from depression. Following which, the father, mother, and brother begin to dismiss her illness, telling her to cheer up, asking her why she’s being “weak”, and claiming that she is being too sensitive.

What makes the campaign a strong one is that it is very relatable and the entire conversation that takes place between the family members, is one you’d hear in many households.

While depression can be a serious illness, there are people who overreact to sadness, causing others to dismiss the pain of those struggling with a serious disorder. It’s important to be able to differentiate between situationally triggered negative emotions and a condition that requires medical attention and treatment, because neglecting it is just as serious as neglecting a physical illness, maybe worse.

WE SAID THIS: Mental illness is not a joke!