Must Watch: Lebanese Man Highlights That the Fight Against Racism Should Start at Home!

Via The National

Disclaimer: This video contains graphic content, please be warned before watching.

Probably the only topic that shifted people’s attention from the coronavirus outbreak is the protests in the United States that took place as a result of the murder of George Floyd. Supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement are protesting everywhere in solidarity, and online campaigns are making it clear where the people stand.

The Arab world was among the regions that stood in support of the movement and the current protests in the United States. But that made Georges Mouwad ask a very important question, are all the people posting the hashtags and news about Floyd really doing something about racism in their own homes and countries?

The heartbreaking video sheds light on some of the horrible stories of racism that take place in Lebanon against African domestic workers and maids. He highlighted that it’s okay to take a stand with what’s happening in the United States, but one should not ignore what’s happening right here at home.

Mouwad tackles the fact that holding on to the passports of domestic workers is basically slavery as you’re literally controlling their lives. He showed stories of people who have been brutally abused, and others who’ve had to resort to extreme measures like suicide to escape from abusive homes.

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