Bed Talks: Break the Routine

sexI always find it hard to begin this column due to the controversy it constantly represents. I also realize that discreetly reading “Bed Talks” is way easier than leaving comments on it since people usually shy away from sharing their opinions about such topics.

So for today’s piece, I will start by sharing with you a little something about myself in hopes that you will feel more comfortable in sharing something about yourself with me!

I am one of the few people I know who just LOVES routine – not to say that I am not adventurous or that I can’t be spontaneous every now and then – but I definitely like to plan my days ahead and to know specifics about meetings, visits and other obligations and chores in advance (way, way, way in advance, if possible!)

But even I, Mrs. Routine, seldom do seek to break out from my comfort zone and experience the world in a different light.

Honoré de Balzac said, and I quote:

“Marriage must fight constantly against a monster which devours everything: routine.”

With that said, we all know that it is not unusual for married couples to fall into a cycle of repetitive activities, whether in the way they carry out their every day interactions or even when engaging in the intimate act of love making. Without realizing it, you wake up one day thinking: God, this is just boring! I need a change!

And a change is, indeed, what you should go for.

After some research and numerous invaluable insights from happily married couples, I can sum up today’s advice to both partners in a few lines:

Try – whenever possible – to do new things together as a couple and don’t underestimate the power of those new experiences in breaking the routine and giving you a chance to truly bond: Ditch that monthly family visit once a year and go out for an unplanned adventure. Drop your house chores one evening and share a romantic dinner. Leave the bedroom and head to the living room for a spicy afternoon escapade.

Let’s be honest – it’s probably been a while since either of you did something new in bed together. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want and try something different, even if the sound of it seems unorthodox to you at the beginning.

Best case? Both of you love it. Worst case? You have a good laugh!


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