9 Most Annoying Things Arab Hipsters Say

Arab hipsters are everywhere nowadays and all of them pretty much get on my nerves. I mean, they pretend to dislike certain things only to look hip, follow cool but not too cool fashion trends and music, and they try way too hard to be different just so they can pretend they’re not in the ”in crowd”. Please.

Here’s why they just want get smacked:


1. “Who cares about fashion trends? I have my own individual style”


They wear almost identical clothing and most probably shop at the same stores. Try going to an ”undergound” bar somewhere in Zamalek or Mohandessin and you’ll find that they’re all clones of each other.


2. “I liked Cairokee two years ago”


Apparently, Cairokee has grown to be too popular for the Arab hipsters’ liking.


3. “I don’t watch TV”


But what they really want to say is that they watch a shitload of TV shows online instead. Oh no, that’s not mainstream alright.


4. “I loved reading *name of ridiculously obscure book*.  It changed my life!”


Pretending to know authors when they only read Archie comics and the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. Just stop talking.


5. “I can’t remember the last time I shaved”

Eric's mustache is a pulp filter

Well, I could see that from the breadcrumbs on your damn beard. If it’s not that, it’s ”I’ll shave soon because I don’t want to look Ekhwan.” Not all men with beards are Ekhwan. Aren’t you supposed to be open minded?


6. “The radio ruined it”


They can love a particular song or track but once it becomes popular and too ”mainstream”, they stop liking it because ”the radio ruined it”.


7. “I don’t do laundry”


Why do laundry? After all, dirty cloths are awesome because clean cloths are for the cool “mainstream” people. Who cares if you smell like a dead rat?


8. “I care about the environment” (but excuse me while I throw my cigarette butt on the ground)


Some Arab hipsters pretend to be environmentalists yet they smoke and litter. How about being productive and coming up with an plan for cleaning streets downtown instead of bitching about how dirty they are?


9. “You’ve probably never heard of it”


I don’t know why Arab hipsters tend to be so condescending and arrogant about their life and views. Different people like different things and have different beliefs. It’s not wrong – so why they have this need or urge to be pompous assholes beats me.


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