Bed Talks: Gentlemen, Satisfy Her Hunger

Sexy Cook Teasing

My last article, “Unleash Your Inner Stripper“, received a lot of positive feedback, but it also raised eyebrows especially by some females who felt as if I was “siding with men”.

I will ask you again, just bear with me – both ladies and gents – more good things are on the way and this complete series will bring you more tips and reveal to you more intimate marital sexual triumphs than you can imagine.

After all, it’s all about the give and get. And I want to make sure that both sides in your marriage are enjoying the give and get, equally.

Now, since I have started writing this column, friends of both sexes have been approaching me to offer valuable stories and tips. Given the huge amount of stories I already have, and the amazing feedback I am receiving, I honestly find it hard to write about every single story without pissing someone off.

So again, bear with me.

Now today’s tip comes from someone most women would describe as a fictional Romeo. Why? Wait and read his idea of romancing his wife: Epic!

Attention male readers: This has been tested and proved to be incredibly fruitful – wink, wink!

“Things at home were getting absolutely dull and repetitive. We had so much to deal with and it was very stressful for both of us. We were going through a dry spell but I knew that we still had it in us and I felt that I needed to step in and up my game.”

Amazing, right?

Ok… So, what did you do?

“I made it a point to arrive home early, a few hours before she did. I prepared her favorite meal (I think it was her favorite meal, but who cares?). I laid out a few candles here and there, put on her favorite chill out music list and left some desserts in the bedroom.

She came in and saw the mess I had made in the kitchen (which were only a few things left out of place, I swear) and before she could complain, I snuck up from behind her with a rose in one hand and with the other hand reaching for hers and pulling her towards me for a passionate kiss.”

Was she into it? Did you feel that she gave you the “go”?

“I knew she was kind of still hung up on the ‘mess’ I had made – yeah, I know her too well – but that didn’t stop me! I showed her that I missed her and was hungry for her.”

So how was the food?

“Huh? What food?!”


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